William Snyder 施跃威

Certified Piano Teacher​ 钢琴老师

RCM Certified Teacher

Key Credentials

  • Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Degree Candidate, Soochow University (CN) 🎓

  • Master of Music (M.Mus.) Degree Candidate, Western University 🎓

  • Artist Diploma in Performance with Distinction, Western University 🎓

  • Ontario Registered Music Teacher Designation (R.M.T.), ORMTA 🎵

  • Licentiate Diploma (LRCM), Royal Conservatory (Toronto) 🎹

  • Associate Diploma (ARCT), Royal Conservatory (Toronto) 🎹

  • Bachelor of Commerce Degree (B.Comm.), Finance, Ryerson University 🎓

  • HSK Level 4 (汉语水平考试), Certification in Chinese Proficiency, Hanban


William Snyder, a certified piano teacher with 10 years’ experience based in London, ON brings an eclectic breadth of experience to his community of influence. When he realized that his finance degree wouldn’t afford him the impact a ‘Chinese-speaking Canadian pianist’ would, he quickly bridged his corporate career with serious musical pursuits, affording him admission into the class of Prof. Stéphan Sylvestre at Western University. After completing his Artist Diploma with distinction, he was granted an exceptionally unique opportunity to be the first Canadian student to pursue a fully funded dual M.Mus./MFA degree between Western University and Soochow University in China.

Originally from Toronto, he completed his Associate Diploma with Victoria Gimelshtein in 2012 at the age of 18. He subsequently took classes with Adam Zukiewicz at the University of Toronto but decided he would pursue a rigorous education in business first, while concurrently growing as a musician. William holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Ryerson University (2017) and the coveted Licentiate Diploma of the Royal Conservatory (2018), the highest academic credential issued by the conservatory, having studying under Lynda Metelsky, Nancy Sicsic, and Rudin Lengo.


William’s transformative leadership approach is influenced by his personal philosophy emphasizing making connections between music and life's other facets. He believes every individual can achieve great things when given barrier-free opportunities to engage in the creative process of making music. In his words, “there exists a great joy in seeing the smile of immersive self-discovery on the face of a student.”

He views music as a strong global language, able to break down cross-cultural barriers and foster mutual understanding. In 2020, William placed 1st in Canada and 3rd in the world at the 19th International “Chinese Bridge” Language Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students Worldwide, a true honour garnering him awards and congratulations from the Chinese Ambassador in Ottawa, Cong Peiwu, and the president of Huron University College, Dr. Barry Craig for his win amongst over 150 of the world's best Mandarin students. William had previously appeared on Chinese TV in 2016 as a participant in a similar competition presenting profound similarities between learning the Chinese language and classical piano.


While travelling as a founding singer in Babel Chorus’ Asia Tour 2019 under the baton of Dr. Elaine Choi, William was admitted to the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts ‘Invitation to Music’ summer program. He took private lessons with Gabriel Kwok, Elenor Wong, and Aquiles Delle Vigne and performed in the public masterclass and festival recital. HKAPA ranking #1 in Asia and #7 globally was the perfect launchpad for him to subsequently win 2nd Prize at the 2019 GOCAA International Piano Competition held in Hainan, China that same summer.

William’s professional experience includes a teaching position at the Toronto School for Strings & Piano, the role of Organist & Choir Director (Music Director) for Thornhill Baptist Church and an an administrative job with Yamaha Canada at their flagship Canadian school. He moved up the ladder with several contracts within the Dean's Office of the Ted Rogers School of Management with roles such as Finance Consultant where he redesigned a faculty budget, Data Analyst where he built an enrolment statistic dashboard, and Founding Facilitator for what is known today as TRSM bootcamps, where he taught over 600 undergraduate students Excel workshops. William has also worked in procurement for the Global Supply Chain of Schneider Electric, one of the world's largest energy management and automation companies.


At present, William is completing his studies with Tina Yanchus and was highly involved as a Teaching Assistant at the Don Wright Faculty of Music, sitting on the finance committee for PSAC 610. He was the recipient of the Society of Graduate Students’ 125th Anniversary Scholarship and will be completing his remaining recitals and final thesis on the music of Olivier Messiaen under Professor Angela Cholakian on full scholarship at the Soochow University School of Music beginning fall 2021.

Chinese Bridge William Snyder
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What are students saying?


“William is an excellent piano teacher, and an absolute pleasure to deal with. He's one of those rare teachers that manages to balance the fundamentals (theory, form), with an engaging and encouraging approach for kids. We were amazed by the progress our kids made under his tutelage. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend William to anyone looking to learn the piano.” – Samuel & Ruth Kates, Parents


“You have been a great support to John over the past few years, and he has loved working with you. He has learned so much from you.  You have been so patient with him, and challenged him, and celebrated him.” – Patty Giannoukos, Parent


“...Will is a patient and innovative piano teacher who is able to adapt his teaching methods to suit the learner. He has given my 5-year-old son the confidence and skills to make music in addition to enjoying it.” – Nadia Mammone, Parent


“…I began learning piano in February 2014, when I was just shy of turning 20 years old. It was daunting beginning as an adult learner, but I was spurred on by my long-held dream to be able to play piano, and with William's endless encouragement and patience, I kept going. Music has always been an integral part of my life. It has helped me through many trials and tribulations, and piano in particular, has been a source of emotional support. I've been learning piano for over 5 years now, and I hope to keep going for many more years!” – Maisha Bhuiyan, Current Adult Student


“…He [former student] thinks you are the best piano teacher. You have taught him a lot, not only about piano but also many other things.” – Lifang (Lily) Lei, Parent


“…I appreciate the lessons that you have taught Kimi. The way you treat music is very sincere, which also touches me…” – Jessica Zhang, Parent


What are Professionals saying?


“…He had a wide variety of students in terms of their character and ability, and he did a great job of teaching them. He was gentle and encouraging in his approach.” – Julian Fisher, Principal & CEO, Toronto School for Strings & Piano


“Our school serves more than 1,200 students, which makes for a fast-paced and sometimes chaotic atmosphere. William shows resilience and patience in handling a changing environment and is able to both identify problems and come up with creative solutions.” – Carolina Irigoyen, Yamaha Canada Music Ltd.


“Brilliant Student · an absolute pleasure to teach. Impressive program & progress already, in a very short time... His interpretation of Messaien’s Première communion de la Vierge was very impressive, musical, and expressive.” – Stéphan Sylvestre, Associate Professor, Head of Keyboard Studies, Western University


“...you have a natural way of making people feel comfortable around you...” – Dr. Megumi Okamoto, Midtown Music School


“William’s passion for teaching and learning has made him a true asset to this school. His commitment to the students and his position as Facilitator is unquestionable. Based on student feedback and the way in which he relates to students, I only have the highest praise for William.” – Dr. Allen Goss, Associate Dean, Students, Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University

“Thank you for all the efforts you have made [in promoting career-relevant skills to TRSM students]. We are very fortunate to have you here. I personally feel very lucky to have you as my T.A. this term” – Dr. Yi Feng, Chair, Finance, School of Accounting & Finance, Ryerson University


“I could seriously listen to you all day! No affect, just pure honest music making in the most stylistic way…” – Ian Parker, Canadian Pianist & Adjudicator for the 2021 OMFA Provincial Finals


“…a religious performance of La Chapelle!...” – Aaron Wunsh, Piano Professor, The Juilliard School & Adjudicator for the 2019 GOCAA Intl. Piano Competition

“He is independent, reliable, and respectful of the views of others…” – Dr. John Edward Stowe, Chinese Course Area Head, Ryerson University & Visiting Professor & Auditor, Peking University (北京大学)


“...he has a very sincere attitude and a strong desire for knowledge... I have witnessed him being invited as a master of ceremonies from time to time and believe everything is directly related to his language ability and piano talent...” – Dr. Helen Xiaoyan Wu, Associate Professor, University of Toronto.


“I like your approach and people like working with you... I like working with you…” – Silas Jacob, Sr. Manager, Global Supply Chain, Schneider Electric Canada Inc.